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THIS WEB SITE IS THE FIRST AND POSSIBLY ONLY WEBSITE THAT DEDICATES A LARGE PORTION OF IT to the town itself, CALAMBA, LAGUNA, PHILIPPINES.  The town is unique in all the world as it has no less than five national heroes that fought for freedom!  The most famous one, Dr. Jose P. Rizal overshadows all the others. Dr. Rizal, a renaissance man himself: a genius, an artist, a doctor/ophthalmologist, sculptor, a poet, a novelist, publicist, an engineer, a teacher, a linguist (speaks 21 languages) and more, but most important -  a martyr who wrote two masterpiece novels that inspired the whole country to gain freedom, is considered the greatest man the Malay race ever produced.  What is it in a town that breeds heroes?  Is it is beauty?  Love?  Surf our pages and find out.  This website is sponsored by:

CALAMBA ASSOCIATION OF NORTHEASTERN USA, INC. is an association in Greater New York, NY area and is a New Jersey non-profit organization/corporation of former residents of Calamba, Laguna, Philippines and of their relatives and friends who live in northeastern part of USA. Membership is open to anyone who is willing to advance the goals and mission of the organization.

The organization aims to promote the general welfare and advancement of all Filipinos, to stand vigilant against injustice and slander against our people, and to understand that Filipinos are Second to None, to promote harmony and better understanding between all races, to preserve Filipino history, pride, culture, values and tradition, to help the cause of charities the association deems worthwhile, to do all these under the laws of the United States, with dedication, faith and love.

This web site offers visitors to take a tour through history of our town, see pictures of new and old Calamba.  Provides current profile (government/business/industry/demography) of our town. Also offers to see how Calambeņos live in USA. One is able to find long lost friends through our membership list.  We also list those members who are from Calamba Associations in Illinois and in California!  Occasionally, we publish worthwhile news from Calamba, Laguna, Philippines.

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